Shipping Policy


BLUENICOYA.COM has service to send your Products only within the Republic of Costa Rica.

The shipment, as well as any other expense related to the order, will not be charged to the customer, within the national territory.

The orders will be supplied by the courier company that this company chooses.


The products will be delivered according to availability of stock and the availability of the transport company the term would be between 24 hours to 7 business days. The Delivery Term will be computed based on the business hours that will be from Monday to Friday. Holiday deliveries will not be made, unless expressly indicated on the website by a specific promotion that would be previously announced.


The delivery of the orders will be made at the delivery address designated by the User to choose between his/her house or his/her office. It is the user's obligation to provide an exact address for the shipment. BLUENICOYA.COM will not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the Product cannot be executed as a consequence of the inaccuracy or falseness of the data provided by the User, the absence of the recipient, or any other cause beyond the responsibility of BLUENICOYA.COM . All new shipments will be billed and must be paid by the user through the billing system with debit and / or credit card.

Cancellation policies


The prices of the exhibited products are indicated in colones and / or dollars according to the exchange rate of the day published by the BCCR and with all taxes included. The User may make the payment of their orders online through: credit or debit cards Visa, MasterCard or American Express through the Paypal payment platform (BAC). You can also cancel with these cards against delivery or transfer. Those purchases will be considered as valid and as the owner of the same the person who makes the payment through their means. No Product will be considered payment until the issuer of the cards or the purchaser authorizes the purchase processed by means of credit or debit cards.

In the event that the payment is made by means of a credit card, the User undertakes not to make charges against the card.


The Product will be delivered at the place where the User indicated in a time of 24 to 48 hours in the GAM and up to 7 business days depending on the delivery method.


It is fundamental, for purposes of making the purchase, that the User verify all the data about the Products that he wishes to acquire for the purpose of not incurring errors, that he properly inserts all the information required for the delivery of the Product, and that he understands and accept the terms and conditions of purchase.

At the end of the online purchase process, the User will always receive a confirmation to his registered email.

BLUENICOYA.COM will not be responsible for problems arising from failures in the system of the bank by means of which it is intended to make the payment, in which case the User must contact his service provider to correct the problem and be able to make the purchase in question.

Return policies

Change policies

The User may make a refund in case the Product was damaged at the time of delivery. The User can choose the delivery of the money or the change for the same product. The product to return must not show alterations in its content or packaging, to make effective the return.

BLUENICOYA.COM is not obliged to make immediate returns. Review the product or money return requests to assess whether or not to accept it.

Cancellation policies

The User may cancel the purchase of a Product, immediately at the time of making it due to an error or if it is an unauthorized purchase at the time it is noticed.


The damaged product cannot be returned only if at the time of delivery some defect or alteration in its formula is discovered. Any damage to the Product due to incorrect handling or use by the User does not include any refund.

A representative of BLUENICOYA.COM will review the Product to assess responsibilities and make the change.

The refund of the purchase money will be made as long as the User expressly requests it to BLUENICOYA.COM via email and telephone.


The User may also return the Product for damage, communicating his wish within a maximum period of 2 days after delivery.

BLUENICOYA.COM will take a maximum of three business days to study the product and determine responsibilities when there is a claim for a damaged product during the delivery process.

The time of return of the money will be a maximum of 28 business days or according to the periods consigned by the issuing bank of the used card.